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his is our video gallery. Here you will find various clips most in Windows Media format. We recommend you download the latest version of Windows Media Player if you have problems viewing our videos. Our latest videos are in MP4 format for wider compatability. .

family videos

Juan Escalante Sr.Juan Escalante Sr. - August 22, 2014 (82,874kb)

Diego's Showcase (1,253kb)

Baby Diego's Movie Trailer (1,253kb)

Another Trailer for Baby Diego's Movie (931kb)

Diego's "Choo-Choo Train" Movie (1,685kb)

Dajia's Birthday Wish (1,386kb)

Diego's "Memories of a Child" Movie (kb)

Diego's "Christmas 2003" Movie (kb)

Diego's "Soccer Star" Movie (kb)

"The Story of Us" Movie (kb)

"I Will Love You" Movie (kb)

"Como Dueles En Los Labios" Movie (kb)

VACATION/travel videos

Intro to our Europe Video (4,099kb)

Diego's "Summer Vacation" Trailer (970kb)

European Vacation Trailer (kb)

Our Vacation Highlights Movie (kb)

Diego's "Summer Vacation" Movie (kb)

Diego's "Disneyland 2003 - The Year in Review" Movie (kb)

DVD On The WEB (Broadband recommended)

Roadtrip - Summer 2003


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