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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Diego Turns 8

My dearest Diego,

Today was your 8th birthday. I love watching you grow. I think you are a beautiful boy with such a warm heart and sweet disposition. This past year I've witnessed growth in you more than I remember in previous years. You are constantly looking to find your place among the big boys. Few things from your earlier years interest you. No more Thomas the Train, no more Veggietales. Mickey and Winnie the Pooh are pretty much gone from your vocabulary. You are growing and at times it hurts me to see you discriminate the things I loved about you as a little boy. Nonetheless, I do love seeing you grow. I love your sense of humor and how you always want me to tell you jokes while you shower. I love watching America's Funniest Home Videos with you. That is so much fun and your little sister is starting to love watching it with us as well. Even though you display the typical sibling rivalry with your sister I love watching the both of you walk hand-in-hand. You are always there for your sister whenever she trips and falls and you ask her if she is ok. Lately, you've been inseparable from your mom. You have shown so much concern for your mom and you constantly snuggle next to her. You also love making puppy faces to your mom. I must admit I sometimes feel a little jealous of the attention that you give your mom but I love that you look for her. She needs that from you and it makes me happy to see your grow so close to her. I still love playing Legos with you. You also show interest for board games and, lately, you have shown a bigger interest in reading. It's funny because you have read two books from cover to cover from the Captain Underpants series. That reminds me, we have read together the books King Arthur, Swiss Family Robinson and we are still working on finishing Treasure Island. You have watched the movies of the first two books and yoiu will watch Treasure Island when you finish the book.

You had a better Fall season in AYSO last year. You actually scored a goal in the first game and your coach always looked for you to show your skills on the field. You were fast as lightning and gave a lot of good passes that ended up in goals for your team. I loved watching you scream acroos the field to catch and deter the other players from scoring on your goal. You didn't like playing goalkeeper too much but you did your best. I was very proud of you during your soccer season with the Blue Sharks.

You have developed a really cute talent: your ability to talk like a chipmunk. :D It is very amusing to hear you talk like Alvin. You loved the movies and it is a sign of your great sense of humor.

Your night-time routine remains the same. You take a shower before bed and I read you a story before tucking you to sleep. You initially played music on your cd player but now that it doesn't work you use my old Motorola phone to play music. For a long time you listened to nothing but Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" album. During the Christmas season you switched over to Christmas music I added to the phone. Even tonight you still listened to Christmas music.

Academically, your teacher, Ms. Song, is very happy with your progress and she gives you lots of praise for the work you do. You

I love you very much, I always will.



Monday, August 24, 2009

My Little Mermaid

My little princess has been transformed into the Little Mermaid. She has amazed me with her courage in the water and her eagerness to be free from daddy's firm grasp. She has demonstrated a strong ability to swim and gives me great confidence to see her dip her head in the water. She appears to stinctively know how to move her body in the water in an effort to stay afloat. I have a lot of fun watching her in the water and wonder if she may have a future in swimming.

Love you little one!!

Summer 2009

What can I say. For those who know me and my family well, you know what we have gone through these past couple of months. However, what I have endured pales in comparison to what the love of my life has endured and has to face on a daily basis. Nonetheless, with God's help we are moving, together, out of the darkness. We are grateful for the blessings we have received and for the love and support of our family and friends. Many years from now we will look back and cherish the beautiful moments that emerged through these difficult times.


Friday, May 22, 2009

A spider!!

So Annica storms in from the garage screaming, "Spider, spider!!!". So I go to the garage expecting to find a humungous and creepy invader. To my surprise, I find a tiny little spider crawling on the floor. Since Annica just wouldn't calm down I reluctantly stepped on the little arachnid to stop her screaming only to haver snap at me, "Why??". Ooops!!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

The photo shoot

While on a visit to Long Beach with Sam and his family Dieguito borrowed my camera to shoot some photos. He was working hard to get a shot of his sister Annica. Below is the resulting photo. I was very proud of him for he took some pretty good shots. Love you Diego!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Diego's joke

Why did the pig go to the hospital?

To get some oinkment

My little Diego cracked me up with this joke.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Annica singing...

It was funny to hear Annica sing the theme song to "Ultraman" today.

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Monday, April 13, 2009

Overheard this weekend...

This weekend, I overheard Diego tell his little sister, "Annica, you're sweeter than sugar". I loved my kiddos!!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Fun with the iPhone.

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Monday, February 02, 2009

Annica's Glossary - Part 2

Movie heater = Movie theater
Day-doh = Diego
Tickle arm = Arm pit
Anee-tah = Annica

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Seven Times One

To my son,

Diego, you are one year older and it feels to have occurred without warning. These posts serve as a reminder of how fast time slips through our fingers. I see you grow and see all the things you are capable of now and you make me proud. This weekend I was reminded of what is like to be a kid. You are still a sensible kid and never wonder far from your mom and dad. I know one day things will change. I will enjoy every minute until that happens. You still make me carry you on my shoulders and, although painful, I still enjoy that you want to hang around with your old man. And I do feel old but you, along with your little sister, make me feel ten again. I say ten because that is about as far as I can remember at my age. I love watching you build your Legos and see that look of accomplishment on your face. At times you are still a little tenderfoot but you are also very mature and you still amaze me with your acts of kindness. I love you kiddo and I always will. The title of this post came from a poem I read to you recently and it hit me suddenly that you are now seven times one. I look forward to the great surprises this year will bring and all those in the future years.

All my love to you. Happy Birthday.



Tuesday, December 02, 2008


After more than six years, I found myself in Vegas again. This time, however, I find myself traveling alone. Honestly? Leaving my family behind is one of the hardest things I have ever done. Detaching myself from their lives leaves me a bit dazed. Nonetheless, Autodesk University, is, at best, overwhelming which keeps my mind busy. There are classes and meetings and exhibits and receptions and no time to stop and smell the roses.

Surprisingly, this is my first time being on my own. I find it hard to adjust to the surreal world of Vegas with all its pretentiousness and overindulgence while knowing that part of me is not really here. Hopefully, this week will go fast.

I miss my family.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Mis Pequeños

I wish there were words in my vocabulary to express how I feel about the two little gems in my life. My life is complete and fulfilled because of them. Watching them grow is both delightful and saddening at the same time. Delightful because with them I live the best days of my life. Saddening because I, like most parents, wish to hold on to those very moments which give texture and purpose to our lives. Realistically, though, it is with great anticipation that I live to see what greatness life will throw upon our family. French author André Gide once said, "Nothing prevents happiness like the memory of happiness". However, I refuse to relinquish my "past happiness", instead, I indulge in my "present happiness" while keeping the "past happiness" locked away in a warm fuzzy place to keep it from developing feelings to haunt me. Enough of pretentious rhetoric.

Diego continues to make me the proud father that I am and Annica still melts my heart. Both have grown before my eyes and fill my life with non-stop joy and wonderful moments. Both have had an amazing Christmas and seeing them enjoy it so much fills my heart with joy. Dieguito spent all afternoon today building his most complex Lego model, the Exo-Force Combat Crawler X2 (see pic)

He is simply amazing when it comes to building Lego models. Not only does he enjoy building these models but he also enjoys taking them apart and building his own creations at a later time. Watching him work is one of my very favorite things. His school teachers love him and he is doing very well at school. His ability to learn is proportionally matched with his physical strength and stamina. I love to watch him play soccer as he displays smooth and very assertive control of the ball.

Annica also amazes me with her intellect and physical prowess. She loves to run and is the proud owner of two very strong legs. She is the fastest 21 month old I have ever seen and expect her speed to increase as she begins to control her "little bounce" and learns to focus that energy into forward motion. She also has amazing analytical skills and her vocabulary is only partial proof of that. She is starting to use three word sentences and learns new words on a daily basis. Socially she is learning to find her place in the world and has found out at an early age what she likes and what she dislikes. She is quick to point out when she disagrees with our choice of her wardrobe and will not hesitate on going to her closet and picking her own clothes. She is fearless on her swing and has even made to the top of the large slide at Jungle Scooter's. More importantly, though, she has slid down that slide several times.

Both Mommy and Daddy are proud of them both and love them very much. I look forward to the great surprises that 2008 will bring to our family.

I love you Diego, Annica and Irene!!!

Final Thoughts 2007

Well, another year impetuosly comes to a close. Almost 365 days ago, the first day of 2007 brought with it a multitude of wishes, dreams and aspirations. In a few days, those wishes, dreams and aspirations will either be relived or regretted. Nonetheless, 2008 will most certainly bring about its own list to track. May that list be made up of fewer unresolved items than last year and instead be filled with new wishes, dreams and aspirations. Happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

La Familia Duende...

Para convertirse en duendes bailando visiten ElfYourself (patrocinado por OfficeMax)

Les presentamos unas fotos de nuestra bella familia. Haber cuando sacan uno con la macarena.

Para ver el video seleccionen AQUI

Feliz Navidad!!!
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (*****) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Tooth Number 2

Well, today while we were waiting to see Santa at the hospital where my Mom works, Diego's second tooth fell out. He was excited because he knew the tooth fairy was going to "pay" him a visit again. This was his lower right central incisor. He had a gaping hole and a bit of blood but I think Diego was relieved since he had been feeling a bit of pain when he ate and forgot about his loose tooth.

It's a good thing that Diego's teeth have fallen uout. His new teeth are anxious to come in and both are in ahurry to come out. Diego sounds a little funny without his two front teeth and he has been singing that song (All I Want for Christmas is my Two Front Teeth). He even joked to Santa and Mrs. Claus at the hospital dinner that his two front teeth are all he wanted for Christmas. He's a funny little guy!!!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Part of growing up...

Well, it's finally happened... Dieguito has lost his first tooth!!! Well, he actually didn't lose it, we know exactly where it is. Anyway, he was so excited and he couldn't wait to share it with everyone. After dinner tonight, he was sitting on the kitchen floor putting on his shoes so he could help me clean up when all of a sudden his tooth popped out. His face was filled with disbelief and he held his tooth in his hand. He kept saying how lucky he was that he didn't swallow it like his uncle Hector did. :) He couldn't contain his excitement and was literally bouncing off the walls... more than usual.

We put his tooth in a little bag and placed it under his pillow when he went to bed. He planned every little detail so the tooth fairy couldn't miss it. My little Dieguito is growing up right before my eyes. Cool thing is that there is a second tooth which may be coming out within the next few days! Hopefully, this won't affect his performance in the holiday concert this week. That's my boy!!!

I love you Chiquitín!!

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Monday, November 26, 2007

The Art of Fabian Perez

Fabian Perez is an Argentinian artist who not only captures light in an exquisite manner, but he also manages to capture great emotion in his subjects' poses. He will be making a local appearance in December to which we hope to be able to attend. Click on the thumbnail for his website.

Pixelfumes Flash Blog: iTunes Album Art V1.3 Released

An interesting app to manipulate album artwork in your iTunes library. Haven't used it yet so I don't know how it works.

Pixelfumes Flash Blog: iTunes Album Art V1.3 Released

Friday, October 05, 2007

Denis Darzacq :: Portfolios :: La chute

Denis Darzacq :: Portfolios :: La chute

An interesting gallery with photos of people falling captured an instant before hitting the ground.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

My little ones...

So, last week I went to get a haircut on my way home from work. It was something I needed to do very badly. When I finally got home and walked in the door I got my usual welcome full of joyful giggles and screams from Diego and Annica. And as usual, Annica ran to meet me at the door. This time, however, her attention turns to whatever is missing on my head! I picked her up and she couldn't stop staring at the top of my head trying to figure out exactly what is different about me. She reached out with both hands and touched the top of my head wondering where the rest of my head went. Hehehehe, she gave me such a laugh I couldn't help but hold her until she gouged my chin again with her razor sharp fingernails. :)
Dieguito got his first digital camera last weekend. It is a very basic kids' camera (640x480 resolution) which offers a great start into this wonderful hobby. He was very excited and began walking around looking for subjects to photograph. We were at the Irvine Spectrum at the time so he took a great photo of the famous ferris wheel which he has enjoyed riding since he was little. And, as if Diego wasn't lucky enough to get his camera, we ran into his friend from school. He didn't waste any time and pointed the camera at her and snapped a few really good shots of her. They played so well together that I had to snap a shot of both of them together. Of course, my shot wasn't as good as some of the shots he has gotten since getting his camera.
The next day, we traveled to downtown LA for a festival near the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Dieguito brought his camera with him. He was able to capture some really interesting shots including a very discreet shot of a young girl who was eating her lunch next to us. I have created a gallery of Diego's first pictures on our Photo Gallery page. I hope he can learn to love photography and let his camera lead him down a path of artistic discovery.
I love you guys x 3!!!

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Party time!!

Lately, I've been designated airport pickup driver for my Mom and Dad whenever they get to travel out of the country. I don't mind it at all, especially since Diego likes to keep me company on those long drives. I know for a fact that I would not enjoy going to the airport as much if I ended going without him. It is our own time for great conversations and bonding which are priceless to me. Somehow Diego magically transforms from a little dust-devil-on-hyperdrive into a great conversationalist and listener. We discuss everything from the latest Lego Bionicles or Exo-Force models to music genres and their respective artists. He has discovered and has come to enjoy Sting and Simon & Garfunkel, among others. His taste in music is unequaled by any one person his age and enjoys discussing their lyrics even if from a kid's point of view. We get a chance to sing together without much concern for tonality and end up being a pair of silly gooses with each other. Occasionally, we have had the chance to talk about serious matters that we wouldn't otherwise get to in an ordinary setting. Sigh... Oh, how I enjoy those outings with my son.

Last week we journeyed together to pick up my Dad from the airport and, as usual, Diego's company was as enjoyable as it could ever be. The flight was as usual an evening arrival which gave us time to have dinner before leaving. Arriving at the airport we battled with the dozens of taxis, shuttles and other clueless drivers picking up passengers for a position on the white curb. We decided that we would not park the car but, rather, request a fly-by from one of the vigilant Airport Police agents who rush to each vehicle slowing down in front of their precious white curb. After quickly scooping up my Dad from the curb we headed back home as my Dad's recited the details of his trip. As we made our way back to our safety bubble, which is The OC, Dad and I suddenly stopped to listen as Diego sat in the back softly singing to himself. My Dad turned to him and asked how he was doing. Without hesitation he simply replied, "I'm having my own party back here." My Dad and I burst into laughter at his witty response and wondered where in the world he had gotten that idea. A few moments later Diego gave in to the Sandman and politely informed us he was going to sleep. After dropping off my Dad at his destination I giggled all the way home thinking about Diego's short little party. Of course, up until now, I haven't stopped telling everyone I can about my Diego's little backseat fiesta. :)

No question about it, I have a beautiful son who is quickly becoming a young man with his own ideas and desires. I love you my Big Boy!!
Your Daddy.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Annica's Glossary

Mee-moh = monkey
Loh-lah = gorilla

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Monday, August 20, 2007

First Day of Kindergarten!!

Dieguito was very excited to start kindergarten this week. He looked very handsome dressed up in his uniform. His good friend Ethan also started school there which will make the transition a lot easier for each of them. Dieguito also got a big surprise when he learned that his friend Ainsley was coming back to start school there. For several days he talked about how he was going to be seeing her again. I think we were all happy to hear that Ainsley was coming back. Diego will have to tackle homework and more discipline in school. I have no doubt he will do great! My little boy is all grown up, sniff, sniff.

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

All boys love trains...

It is true. Until I went out there and stared at a real-life steam powered giant, I never realized how fascinating it is to be next to them. Now I only wish I could ride on this baby, 100mph top speed!!!

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Big eyes!

My little princess Annica at the Fullerton Train Days. She is wearing her pink engineer's hat and pouting because it is way too hot out there. Love her eyes!!

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Diego the Defender of Fun!!!

Here is a favorite shot of my little superhero Diego. It was taken at the Fullerton Train Days on board of a BNSF diesel locomotive. Diego just happened to wear matching hat and shirt to complement the behemoth we were on.

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Friday, May 04, 2007

The Joy of Parenthood...

Only a parent understands...

Bedtime stories and bedtime alarms,
Finger puppets and socks that talk,
Silly laughter while rolling on the carpet,
Superheroes who still want to sleep with their parents,
Puppy love and puppy heartbreaks,
The beauty in watching their child sleep,
Grumpy moods chased away by a tickle war,
The courage needed to not cry when getting multiple vaccinations,
Struggling to keep a straight face when your child misbehaves,
First words, first steps, first everythings,
Making up silly words,
Discovering spoons as a toy launcher,
The exhaustion after a long day at the amusement park,
Daydreaming at work about being at an amusement park,
Hearing another parent praising your child,
Your son telling you he loves you even when they are grounded.

To be continued...


Saturday, April 28, 2007

Photo of the Week - April 28, 2007

Annica loves to sing (scream) at the top of her lungs. She likes the sound of her voice, especially when it reverberates in the hollow spaces, like our shower! We may have a little future soprano in our hands as she loves to sing and will often mimic her old man as he sings. Of course, she could just be making fun of of my poor attempts at singing. But at least she doesn't tell me to be quiet like her older brother does.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

A Night of Knighthood

Sir Diego of SoCal. We had an enjoyable night at Medieval Times. Diego had a blast watching the knights battling it out with the bad guys. Some things are just more exciting when you hang out with your kids.

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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Photo of the Week - April 22, 2007

An adorable face if I do say so myself. She melts my heart and she will surely break many when the right time comes. Love you baby!!

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Diego's Glossary

Window Juice: Water, because you can see through it.
Onion Juice: Milk, because it is white like an onion.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas 2006 - Diego & Annica the joy of my season.

Christmas is only a few weeks away and approaching fast. And I, stuck again in my personal time vortex. Nothing left but soak in as much as I can.

Diego has been more aware of the seasons and is inpatiently awaiting the arrival of the chubster in red. Although we're emphasizing more the true reason for the season. He and I have been having much quality time together. Which I've been treasuring. He will call me at work and ask me if I am on my way home when he notices the clock past 4:00pm. All he knows is that the first number is a "4" and wants me to get home as soon as possible. He then will engage in a conversation which will last me the whole trip home. So he is with me most afternoons as I face traffic on the freeways. He makes it a little more bearable, although it only makes me impatient to be home with them. He will, however, ask me "where are you now?" every 10th of a second to which I have to break with a similar response to him. Hehehe, he makes me laugh.

On Sunday, Dec. 3 we met with Maria to deliver her wedding book at the Block in Orange. Afterwards, we were on our way back to the car when we realized we were all hungry. We made our way back to the Corner Bakery where we ate a light dinner. While Irene and Annica were away from the table at the ladies room, Diego and I engaged in a bit of serious conversation. It was then that he said one of the most precious things to me, "Even when you put me in a time out, I am happy with you". You are so precious to me Diego. I love you.

A few days later we conversed during dinner about Diego's school activities. He was telling us about how he had held Ainsley's hand that day. Ainsley is a cute little girl from school to whom Diego has grown fond of and who populates most of Diego's daily conversations. He mentioned how he had squeezed her hand and we asked what she had said to which he promptly said, "Ow!". I seems that when he squeezed her hand he actually gave her a vise-grip squeeze prompted by a prank his friend Ethan had played on him earlier that day. Hehehe, Irene and I giggled for a moment and then proceeded to explain to him how girls do not appreciate the silly pranks that boys sometimes play with each other.

Because of the Christmas season we've watched a couple of the classic Christmas shows on tv. Diego watched the movie "Santa Claus is coming to town", which is a clay-animation classic narrated by Bing Crosby. He's also been "spending more time in our room" because when we were decorating the Christmas tree he came accross a stuffed cow that "moos" the song "Deck the Halls" and that really freaked him out. He wouldn't rest until he made me throw it in the trash. Of course, it could be an excuse to spend more time with us. Also, Annica has been really amazed at all the Christmas decorations. She seems truly overjoyed at the sight of Christmas lights. She will stare in awe and then lean forward and put the palm of her hand over her little mouth as if gasping in delight. She is so beautiful. She turned nine months yesterday, Dec. 7, which was also my Dad's birthday. We got together at home to watch the Chivas play Toluca and spend some time together. Sam and Erik spent the night over because we fell asleep on the couch watching the Discovery channel and woke up way too late for them to go home.

Anyway, I love walking Annica to sleep at night. When it's her bedtime and she doesn't want to fall asleep all I have ot do is sing "Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star" and she magically closes her eyes and falls asleep in my arms. It never fails.

We took the kids to see Santa's arrival on Saturday and Diego was pretty amazed at how the "real" Santa had come all the way from the North Pole. On Tuesday they had Santa's Workshop in which the kids had crafts and were able to take a picture with Santa. Diego made a Christmas list in which he said he wanted clothes for his bear Brownie, a princess doll for his sister Annica, a flashlight and something else that I forgot. He is a very imaginative kid. When he took a picture with Santa we tried to have Annica with him but since she was falling asleep she was a little cranky and didn't cooperate. We will try again in the next couple of weeks at our usual location, the former Crystal Court which gives a free ticket for the kids to ride the train.

That's all for now. Hopefully I'll add more before the end of the year. Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Times of change...

In an attempt to make this a regular event, I am writing a few thoughts and recent news. It's all been a long time coming.

If you follow the timeline, Annica will be eight months in two days. Gosh, where does time go?? As a parent it is the eternal question as we constantly find ourselves wondering how we managed to let time slip by without taking the time to stop and soak it in a bit. Diego will soon be five years old and it seems like only yesterday I was holding him in my arms wondering how long it would be until he would reach his first birthday. The parental paradox indeed.

There are thoughts in my mind that have been forgotten without being written down first. I am filled with regret for not allowing myself to capture those thoughts in our blog. I suppose I can go back and fill in the missing parts. However, I pride myself in keeping the timeline intact and therefore would feel this would violate a sacred rule I adhere to. Nonetheless, I will introduce prior thoughts, events and other entries in a non-sequential manner. All in the name of keeping this blog updated.

Annica, well, she keeps surprising us with her developmental milestones. Today, in fact, she learned to give us high-five. An amazing feat if you ask me, since she learned without prior coaching and on her first try!! At first I figured it had been coincidental, but throughout the day we kept requesting a high-five from her and she consistently raised her little arm to attempt to meet with ours. She's truly amazing. She also keeps us happy and bright when she laughs and smiles uncontrollably. And she makes us nervous when she displays signs of a short temper. We keep hoping that those signs are in all manners a temporary phase.

She is now standing on her own for a few seconds and in a few instances taken her first steps forward. I believe that in a few weeks she will be taking more steps and be on her way to fully walking on her own. She has progressed in her crawling abilities as well. I wonder which she will master first. Walking or crawling, one will most likely overshadow the other.

Dieguito had his second annual Trike-a-thon at his school. It was an amazing day to begin with, sunny and warm. Marky and Isaiah had spent the night with us so we took them to the park before the school event just to get out and do something. And were we surprised to find the park very hot and exhausting. After the kids ran for a little while we went home to get our stuff for the school event. This year we actually won one prize in the raffle, a basket full of toys for Diego. Diego participated in the Pre-K race and had fun facing his teammates on his bicycle he got last Christmas. Last year he had raced on his Radio Flyer tricycle that his uncle Erik and his Abuelito gave him for his second birthday. And well, the other kids had the advantage riding on their bikes. Also, as a tradition, the dads race as well on their kid's vehicle and it is quite a scene. Last year, the race didn't go too well as most of the other dads had a bicycle to race while I was on the tricycle. This year I figured Diego's bike would give me an edge. I overlooked the fact that the tires were underinflated and the rear wheel kept losing contact with the ground when I pedaled which made it hard to make any significant progress. And well, let's leave it at that. An embarrassing situation is not worth experiencing twice in the same day.

After the Trike-a-thon we had Petra, Yola and her boys and Jacob, Juan and his girls, Chelly with Jade and Emma and Yvonne, Hector and his boys, and my Dad join us at home for some pizza. It was a full house but we enjoyed having the company over. We watched football and ate pizza, it can't get better than that!!

After today's event I realized I need to encourage Diego to ride his bike without the training wheels. I am hoping that he will be riding his bike without them before the end of the school year. The church's parking lot is a perfect place to practice. I also feel he is ready to be riding in one of those half bikes that get attached to the back of an adult bike. This way he can pedal along as we go. Annica will be using the trailer pulled by her mom, of course.

Monday, October 23, 2006

One day, while visiting In-and-Out Burger...

Good burger!